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What is Worldschooling?

Worldschooling is a non-traditional form of education that combines travel with education. Rather than limiting a child’s learning to the 4 walls of a classroom, worldschooling uses the world as the classroom. Children learn by doing, seeing, feeling through real life experiences around the world.

Especially now with remote work on the rise, parents have been opening their eyes to options and we are seeing more and more families choosing to educate their children in this way.

Families who worldschool each do it differently. There is no one way to do it. They each find the way that best suits their unique family, but is usually a combination of travelling, homeschooling, and unschooling.


If you’re a business that provides services to worldschoolers, or a family that is exploring the idea of worldschooling, let’s connect and chat about ways we can help!

How we work with this niche industry

We project manage and provide education management expertise to new worldschooling business start-ups

Want to start a worldschooling business but don’t know where to start?  We can work with you to help conceptualize your business, prepare your plan, project manage, organize and execute a successful new launch.

We offer 1 to 2-week hubs in various locations around the world to enhance, introduce and support worldschooling families

It takes a village, and worldschooling is no different.  Our hubs provide you with greater community, opportunities to develop lifelong friendships and build connection with like-minded families – all while enjoying carefully planned out travel itineraries in places you may have never experienced.  Participate in one of our hubs and leave the planning to us.  These hubs are perfect for established worldschooling families, as well as those who are new to the concept and who may want to get a taste of what it’s like to worldschool.  Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of upcoming hubs.

We also help individual families considering worldschooling through the transition

Do you think your kids could benefit from worldschooling?  Ask us anything!  We offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions to help parents considering worldschooling as an alternative way to educate their kids.  Visit our family worlschooling blog to see how we do it at On The Road Again Family.

How Do I know If Worldschooling is Right For My Family?

While we 150% believe that worldschooling has worked well for our family, it’s not necessarily the right fit for everyone.  And we are not here to tell you it is right for yours.  But…you won’t know unless you try.  There are so many ways for you to try it out first, without any risk.  You could start small, by incorporating worldschooling into your current vacation trips.  Or join one of our upcoming worldschooling hubs and take the experience on a test drive.  You don’t need to jump all in at once (in fact we would encourage you not to!). It’s a big step!  So before you commit to this unconventional lifestyle, schedule a free 1 on 1 initial consult and see if this is the right path for your family.

Check out how we worldschool on our On The Road Again Family blog and social media links:

Want to start Worldschooling?  Let’s Connect!

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s connect during a free 20 minute call where you can ask us anything!  We have been a worldschooling family since 2017.


Choose a Coaching Plan

If you decide you want to keep exploring worldschooling options, we can help coach you through the process based on how quickly or slowly you want to get moving.

Reach Your Goals

Over the next few months, you could achieve your worldschooling goals and make your family travel lifestyle dreams come true! 

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