Our Services

We bring organization to organizations.  Our specialty is education business management.  We offer a full range of services that help education and training-based organizations excel.

 Our clients have experienced significant growth in areas such as operational efficiency, brand awareness, market expansion and overall revenues.  Our 20+ years of education business management expertise can strengthen your education institutions and related businesses.


What you have to offer may be the best thing since sliced bread, but if you don’t know how to get the word out (or the right word) you may end up simply stuck in the cupboard.


Do you have lots of ideas but struggle to execute or scale?  If you find that most of your ideas remain conceptual only, Jayenti can help you establish foundational building blocks for your business and finally put those ideas into action.

Vision, Strategy & Alignment

It all stems from the top.  Do you have a clear vision for your business with defined goals? How well is it communicated to all levels of your team?  Are they aligned?

Education Business Services

  • Accreditation/designation status: new applications, audits and renewals.
  • International student recruitment
  • Online advertising in foreign markets
  • Event planning for education-based events or trips, locally or abroad
  • Organized training summits for team building and education


Access our network of talented and highly recommended experts.

  • Virtual assistants
  • Graphics design
  • Accounting
  • Web security
  • Content writers
  • HR & legal professionals
  • Other

Online Course Development

Bring your course online and expand your audience to the world.  We have the course-development expertise and technological know-how to help you build a successful online offering that can supplement or add to your existing product line.

Focus On Your Strengths.

Outsource The Rest.

Grow Your Business.

So many of us get caught up in trying to be everything to everyone.  Or as entrepreneurs, we try to do everything ourselves, whether as a way to keep costs down, or simply due to a lack of trust or fear of letting go. 

But, just imagine being able to focus all your energy and time on what you do best.  Imagine being able to dedicate all of your efforts towards your students and your customers. 

They have so much to learn from you. 

Isn't it time you give them your all?

Ready To Get Organized?