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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

What you do today and how you teach at your institution impacts the future for your students.  Your top priority is your student’s learning.  

Leave the other operational and business building activities to us.

At Jayenti Management Services, we have a total combined experience of over 25+ years working in education management.

We help educational institutions in the following areas:

  • Overall Strategic Planning
  • Accreditation/Designation With Your Local Regulatory Body
  • SEO and online advertising
  • Content Development
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Branding
  • Social Media Marketing – whether starting from scratch or building on existing platforms
  • Community Management
  • Expansion Planning & Execution
  • International Recruitment
  • Online course development

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What Kind Of Impact We Could Make On Your Institution:

Traditional to Digital

We can help bring your course online.  Leave the technological guessing game behind, and let us take care of your online course set up.  You bring the course content, we’ll bring it online.

Local to Global

Have us represent your institution at overseas conferences in China, India, Germany, Japan, Brazil, etc or which ever market you would like to recruit agents and/or students directly.  Our business brings us to various parts of the world on a regular basis, where we can provide you with a physical brand presence at a far more cost(and time)-effective solution.

Embrace Change in Education

Change is inevitable. It’s happening every day. All around the world: how people learn, how children grow – education is transforming everywhere.  At  Jayenti Management Services, we help education organizations meet the changing needs of today’s world and grow their businesses, so that they can continue doing what they do best – educating.  We work closely with all types of educators; traditional brick & mortar institutions, online educators, trainers and niche organizations. We work with you to adapt, embrace change, and evolve.

Education needs have transformed exponentially in the last few years.

Gone are the days where students could attend college or university, obtain their credential, and then expect to secure employment right after graduation.

For younger kids, registration in after-school programs are at an all-time high. Parents are supplementing their children’s regular schooling with additional courses, specific training or niche programs that cover skills not being taught at school. There is a growing movement towards non-traditional methods of education such as worldschooling and unschooling, to name just a few.

More and more programs are now being offered online.

As a result of all this change, traditional educational institutions are having to find ways to re-invent themselves to offer a superior quality of education that will provide the student the best possible post-graduate opportunities.

At Jayenti Management Services, we understand this new era of education. We also understand the traditional format, and that there is a fine balance between evolving, yet upholding education quality and continuing to meet the requirements of governing regulatory bodies.

To keep up with this new world of education, we help institutions transform.  In the past 20 years, we have seen first hand how far the industry has evolved and we understand how it will continue to change.

We help institutions adjust to these changing times and expand their businesses, whether geographically or by widening their product-lines, to increase enrollment and reach new levels.

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