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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.”
— Henry Ford

Our Story

Jayenti Management Services supports education and training based organizations.

We originally got our start in the education industry in the traditional brick & mortar field in 2002, in private post-secondary education in British Columbia, Canada.

Since then, we have also assisted various other types of learning-based organizations around the world, including:

  • online course providers
  • traditional B&M schools
  • alternative education for children
  • adult continuing education
  • business coaches
  • consultants
  • trainers
  • and more

Our most notable success story was in achieving record-breaking revenues for a college for nurses in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Through our work, the college was able to obtain prestigious designation status with the government, increase profits at an exponential rate, and expand student recruitment operations into 6 international markets including the Philippines, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Kenya and Nigeria.  To date, the college continues to thrive as a globally recognizable brand and is known as a top tier institution for foreign trained nurses around the world.


 The founders of Jayenti are Jade and Tony Burke.  We are a husband and wife duo that is passionate about all types of education.  We have chosen to raise our own children through a ‘worldschooling’ approach, where we teach our kids via experience-based education out in the world in lieu of the traditional age-based classroom method.  We believe that learning does not have to take place inside the 4 walls of a classroom.

Our open approach to education has allowed us the privilege of working with various forms of different clientele – those that are part of the traditional school of thought and those in alternative education landscapes.  We believe that all forms of education, whether taught formally by teachers, trainers, coaches, or less formally through life learning experiences, are a benefit to all who seek it. 

Our Values & Beliefs

Learning is life-long

Growth is when you continue to challenge youself to learn new things, regardless of age.

Education is everywhere

Opportunities for learning can be found anywhere. Education does not only take place inside a classroom.

Self-direction is the key

If you teach me something I’m not at all interested in, I may only retain it until the day after you quiz me on it.

Open minds open doors

We value all kinds of teaching methodologies so long as it engages with the individual receiving it.  We believe that not one size fits all.
“I have had the pleasure of working with Jade numerous times over a couple of decades and she is a consummate professional and an even better person.  Incredibly versatile, Jade is proficient in many skill sets including marketing strategy, project management, content development, branding and finance.  An outstanding communicator, she is a pleasure to work with.  Jade will ensure that client work is strategic, innovative, compelling and on time.  I highly recommend that you consider collaborating with Jade on achieving your education, training or marketing vision and goals.”
Bret Conkin, Director of Growth, CrowdfundSuite

Upcoming: Education for KIDS!

Through the combination of our personal experience educating our kids and our professional backgrounds in running education-based businesses, plans are in the works to launch a self-directed education (SDE) in-person facility for kids in 3 locations:  Canada, France and Mexico.

The first will open in Vancouver, British Columbia and the other 2 will follow, tentatively set to take place in the South of France and in Central Mexico.  Our goal is to offer facilities that include a welcoming on-site place to learn, coupled with worldschooling excursions & experiences, PLUS they will be strategically located alongside co-working space options for parents nearby.

These facilities will run:

  • During the regular school term: in-person self-directed education for worldschoolers & homeschoolers local to the area or visiting temporarily.  Monthly sessions.
  • Seasonally: after-school/summer camps for kids attending traditional school. Weekly and monthly options will be available.

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Thought-Provoking Publications


  • Do Schools Kill Creativity?  TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson, one of the most popular TED talks of all time
  • Most Likely to Succeed Documentary feature film and international film festival award-winner that highlights the growing shortcomings of today’s conventional education system.

Books & Articles

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