We Are Education Management Specialists

Focus your time and energy on what you do best: teaching, coaching, training.  

Let Jayenti handle the rest.


We offer business support services for education-based organizations.

For Education & Training-Based Organizations

  • Online course providers
  • Traditional B&M schools
  • Adult continuing education
  • Business coaches
  • Trainers

For Alternative Ways of Educating

  • Non-traditional forms of education
  • Homeschooling, Worldschooling
  • SDE learning sites around the world
  • Alternative education with structure
Helping You Achieve Success

Share Your Expertise With The World.

You are the expert in what you do.  Whether it is teaching, coaching, or training, your passion for educating others is what drives you, and it’s what your customers seek.  But if taking time away for all the other non-educating tasks (such as marketing, administration, running operations, technology, etc.)  gives you as much anxiety as the new kid facing their first day of school, you are not alone.

By working with Jayenti, you can focus on what you do best.

Would you like to free yourself of mundane administrative tasks so you can focus on teaching??

Does the technology requried to build an online course intimidate you?

Have you ever been able to market your business successfully to international students on the other side of the world?

Is your school or business governed by a regulatory body where achieving designation status seems impossible?

Online Course Development

Bring your course online.  Imagine having the whole world as your audience.

Marketing & Operations

Online marketing, copywriting & content creation, setting up operational systems so your business runs smoothly and can scale quickly.

Student Recruitment

International student recruitment is our forte.  We can help bring you students from all parts of the world.

Alternative Education Ways

If you are a parent, you are also a teacher/coach/mentor to your children.  Have you ever considered alternative ways to help educate your kids?

Who Are Education Management Specialists For?

Trainers, educators and coaches often create their business through a passion for helping others, teaching them their specialized craft and knowledge.   While they are the best at what they do, the other parts of running the business can be extremely challenging, sometimes even discouraging to the point where the business can stall.

We are here to help.

At Jayenti Management Services we work with educators who recognize that everyone has their strengths (and weaknesses) and who would rather spend their time helping their students.  Our Education Management Specialists can support the non-educator areas of your business where you most need it.  By working together we can create a partnership where each entity can focus on what they do best, and build the traction needed to propel your business forward.

Contact us today.  We may be the perfect partner for you.

Website design, copywriting, content creation
From brand new websites to revamps, we can help you create the website with the right messaging in your own distinct brand voice.  We also assist with email campaigns, newsletters, social media management, community engagement and other forms of content creation.
Online course development
Rely on our experience and technical know-how to get your course online and reach the masses.  If you have ever dreamt of generating passive income instead of trading hours for dollars, getting your course(s) online can be your ticket. 
Project management
We can help manage a project from inception to completion, manage the teams involved, set up goals and ensure deadlines and timelines are met.  
Achieving accreditation/designation status
Regulatory bodies have high expectations that sometimes require a lot of exhaustive systems, bureaucracy and TIME.  We have a wealth of experience navigating these complex requirements from new accreditations, to renewals (even through the successful lifting of imposed suspensions), and everything in between. 
Training events planning
If you want to plan an event for team building, training, or even a social event, we can help you to organize this to fit within your goals and budget.  Ask us how we coordinated a week-long training summit that brought in associates from around the world, organizing everything from flights, accommodations, meals, training, a team-building scavenger hunt and a grand finale BBQ at one of Vancouver’s world class beaches! 
Recruitment strategies
Let us help you develop your recruitment strategy and promote your business online to reach customers from around the world.  We have extensive experience traveling in-person as well as recruiting online to attract customers from the Americas, the Far East, and Europe.  

About Us

We originally got our start in the education industry in the traditional brick & mortar field in 2002, in private post-secondary education in British Columbia, Canada.

Since then, we have assisted all types of learning-based organizations around the world, including:

  • online course providers
  • traditional B&M schools
  • alternative education for children
  • adult continuing education
  • business coaches
  • consultants
  • trainers
  • and more

The founders of Jayenti are Tony and Jade Burke.  We are a husband and wife duo that is passionate about all types of education.  We have chosen to raise our own children through an unconventional worldschooling approach, where we teach our kids via experience-based education out in the world in lieu of the traditional age-based classroom method.  We believe that learning can happen for all ages anywhere, and that it does not have to take place within the four walls of a classroom.


“As an entrepreneur, I try to focus my efforts and time around areas that are in alignment with my skillset. Content creation, brand messaging, blogging and website design are definitely not in my wheelhouse but thankfully I found Jade who is masterful in all these areas!”

Simon Lowe

Founder, Simon Lowe Coaching

“From marketing strategy, to project management, to content development and planning, Jayenti has helped me in so many ways, and brought structure to my institute.  It’s rare to find such well-rounded and organized business professionals.  If you want real action and results for your school or business, I fully recommend Jayenti.”

Suzanne Lapointe

Directrice, Institut des Pyrénées

“Tony, Jade and Jayenti Management Services have been invaluable contributors to the growth of our post-secondary education institution for the past 13+ years.  Our regulatory accreditation, our international student recruitment and our well-established global brand presence has been the direct result of their efforts over the years.”

Ron Burke, RN

Founder, Omni College

Focus On Your Strengths.

Outsource The Rest.

Grow Your Business.

So many of us get caught up in trying to be everything to everyone.  Or as entrepreneurs, we try to do everything ourselves, whether as a way to keep costs down, or simply due to a lack of trust or fear of letting go. 

But, just imagine being able to focus all your energy and time on what you do best.  Imagine being able to dedicate all of your efforts towards your students and your customers. 

They have so much to learn from you. 

Isn't it time you give them your all?

Don’t Stall Any Longer. Start Growing Your Education Business Today!